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May 14 , 2019

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虚拟足球e球彩投注:Road Smart at 2019 Spring Canton Fair

红运快三走势图连线 www.gvlfgo.com.cn What is the barometer of China's foreign trade? Some people say Canton Fair.

On April 15th, the 125th Canton Fair opened in Guangzhou. The event attracts lots of industry leaders and show their intelligent products to the world. Obviously, Road Smart is one of them.

It is also said that about 200,000 overseas buyers who are from over 210 countries and regions attend the conference. The number is huge, no wonder Road Smart team is busy with receiving and communicating with visitors during the whole exhibition period.

Road Smart bring some hot sale lights series to the fair, which includes solar moon lights, solar nighthawk lights, solar flybird lights, solar flyhorse lights, solar butterfly lights, solar flyshark lights, etc.

Once again, a large number of visitors stop at Road Smart booth with the attraction of stunning appearance and high brightness of our solar street lights.

For visitors who have learned us before, they know for sure that Road Smart solar street light advantages are far much more than this. Road Smart is dedicated to providing the finest products.

For the past several years, we have developed ten core technologies which are solid rocks for our solar products’ success. At the same time, Road Smart team keep upgrading solar products in terms of intelligence, reliability and quality. The products technologies such as intelligent control technology, networking communication technology, video surveillance technology, IoT technology, gained lots of appraise at the conference.

We are glad to have the deep communication with foreign visitors at Canton Fair, some of who suggest to visiting our factory to see our manufacturing process and quality control mechanism. Well, you are warmly welcome.

Road Smart at 2019 Spring Canton Fair